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Hi Reddit - I am Christopher Darden, Prosecutor on O.J. Simpson's Murder Trial. Ask Me Anything!

I began my legal career in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. In 1994, I joined the prosecution team alongside Marcia Clark in the famous O.J. Simpson murder trial. The case made me a pretty recognizable face, and I've since been depicted by actors in various re-tellings of the OJ case. I now works as a criminal defense attorney.

I'll be appearing on Oxygen’s new series The Jury Speaks, airing tonight at 9p ET alongside jurors from the case.

Ask me anything, and learn more about The Jury Speaks here: http://www.oxygen.com/the-jury-speaks

Proof: https://i.redd.it/95tc7jvqu0bz.jpg


[EDIT]: Thank you everyone for the questions. I'm logging off now. For more on this case, check out The Jury Speaks on Oxygen and go to Oxygen.com now for more info.

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Good morning beautiful people! Adriana Chechik, 2017 AVN female performer of the year, here to do an AMA with my fans! ;-), AMA

Hi! I'm Adriana Chechik. Maybe you know me from some of my AVN award winning films like "Adriana Chechik: The Ultimate Slut" and "Only Adriana Chechik Extreme." I love connecting with my fans so lets get this party started!

After the AMA I'll continue answering questions on Camsoda.com live on cam. I'm even sexier live!

Proof: https://twitter.com/adrianachechik/status/886974897842405376

I'll be answering questions here from 12-1pm EST and then 10-11pm EST. After I'll go live on Camsoda.com at 11pm EST. I'll have some surprises ready!


Edit: I'm back for another hour! (Until 11 PM EST when I go live on CamSoda!)


Edit2: I'm LIVE NOW! Come catch me at CamSoda!

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I worked at NASA as a web developer for eight years and currently run a nationally known programming boot camp AMA!

My short bio: (to replace the third party one) I've worked at a number of places. I've been a pizza chef, a rock climbing instructor, a white water raft guide on the Arkansas River, and even a Slovakian rock star with a top ten hit in the Czech Rep. I was always into computers so when I came back to the states and finished my degree in info science, I got a job at NASA about three years later, I started as a "web programmer" and left last year (2016) as a "Senior Applications Developer". I graduated in 2007 from CNU (with Randall Munroe, the xkcd guy...) Now I teach Web Fundamentals and run the Washington D.C. branch of Coding Dojo.

http://www.codingdojo.com/washington-dc https://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/ https://www.nasa.gov/centers/langley/news/researchernews/rn_makercamp.html https://mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov/oyw/meet-the-team-dan-oostra/

My Proof: http://imgur.com/a/SGnz5

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Hi I'm Matt Feld, Data Scientist and creator of Congresswebhistory.com, a tool that tracks what Congress, The White House, and the FCC are browsing on the internet-- I'm doing an AMA today at 4:00pm

UPDATE: Alright everyone, I need to get to bed, so I'm signing off for the night-- I'll be back on tomorrow to continue answering questions

Here is my proof: http://www.speaktogether.org/blog/my-reddit-username-is-mfworks

Here's the main page: https://www.congresswebhistory.com

Here's a little bit about the project: https://www.speaktogether.org/blog/we-built-a-tool-that-gets-congress-browser-history

And here is our other project for fighting the ISP law-- we've built a tool to opt your data out of collection by ISPs, and are building a legal fund to bankroll civil cases when those ISPs abuse your data:


Louise Matsakis also covers it really well here:


twitter: @mfeldspeak facebook: https://www.facebook.com/speaktogethernow

Some background about me: I'm a 24 year old software developer in Research Triangle Park, NC. I founded Speak Together a year ago to build software to change the models citizens can use to reach out to their govt.

last year I got involved in the fight to repeal NC HB2 (the notorious anti-transgender bathroom law that was passed here in North Carolina) and quickly became jaded by how difficult and inefficient it was to learn about the activities of the state legislature and communicate at all with my representatives.

I found a few friends who had felt the same way as me, and we've been building software to try to make that process easier. One of them, violetnekos, is also on the ama.

Ask Me Anything!

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IamA former employee of the now extinct Sports Authority AMA!

My short bio: Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of my former company. I worked for 2 1/2 years as a merchandiser, salesperson, and manager at a small town Sports Authority. I endured to the very end and was there to the very last day. Ask me anything about the bad customers, good customers, great coworkers, terrible coworkers, what it was like working for a bankrupt company that sold all of its assets to a group of liquidators, or anything about sporting goods, because I still have 2+ years of useless information still floating around in my head. My Proof: Here is me using the back room to create a new, cross-sport phenomena. This is part of a series of snapchats I took on a particularly slow night. Finally, these are the coworkers who were with me to the very end.

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I am Achim Heidelauf, I was friends with rock god Lemmy, from Motörhead, and have spent the past three years working with the band on creating the video game, Victor Vran: Motörhead Through The Ages! Ask me anything!

What an AMA! THANK YOU for your questions. I hope it was interesting enough. I enjoyed this a lot! No more questions will be answer, but please follow the game on https://www.twitter.com/VictorVran and http://www.facebook.com/victorvran Cheers! Achim

I met Motörhead backstage ages ago, in the early 90s. We became friends & met many times. In 2014, I asked the guys about bringing Motörhead music to Victor Vran! Lemmy wanted more; a Motörhead experience! Through the Ages was born!

In 2015, we lost Lemmy, it was devastating for his friends but inspired us to make Through the Ages an awesome tribute! Ask me anything around Lemmy, the band, Lloyd Kaufman, my hair or Victor. Making a game is not easy!

Proof: https://twitter.com/victorvran/status/885154310425804800

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I have albinism—AmA

Hi Reddit!

My name is Alex, and I have albinism. I’m back for another exciting AmA!



DNA Test Results

So go ahead, ask me anything.

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3) I am a standup comedian named Ari Shaffir. I have a double special out on Netflix called "Double Negative." Get it? Because it's 2 specials and also because it makes a positive? You get it. Ask me anything.

I'll be 100% honest and answer as many questions as you guys can throw out. I'll give you, let's say, 2 to 3 hours. But ask me questions for me, not for other people. I won't tell you which of my friends have cheated on their wives or girlfriends, but just about anything else. Why would you even ask that? Ask shit about me, not my dirtbag friends. And I mean, ask whatever you want. Ask me about standup in general. Ask me for romantic advice. Ask me about sports. Ask me about my own standup. Ask me about your chlamydia. I don't know. There's a shitload you could ask. You think of the questions, idiots. And I'll answer all of them. 2 to 3 hours. The more fun I'm having the longer I'll go.

My new special, "Double Negative" is now on Netflix

I have a podcast called Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

Here's a story of me having a weed scavenger hunt at the Mall of America.

I have another podcast called Punch Drunk Sports

Proof: Twitter post or

The same exact post but on instagram because Twitter is dying

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We are Black Lab Games, developers of the upcoming videogame Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Ask Us Anything!

Hi Reddit, Paul Turbett (using the SlitherineLtd account) and Anthony Sweet (BlackLabAnthonyS) here from Black Lab Games, developers of the upcoming strategy game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. What would you like to know about the game?

My Proof: https://twitter.com/blacklabgames/status/884687430799859712

It's been a blast to answer all these questions! If we missed any, we are deeply sorry! You guys have been amazing and it was great fun. If you want to know more you're more than welcome to contact us on Facebook, and you can follow us by subscribing to the newsletter at www.slitherine.com/bsgdeadlock .

Thanks everyone! So say we all.

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We are the dev team of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. Ask us anything!

Hey Reddit! It’s been five years (https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/lwljh/iama_dev_team_of_bastion_the_action_rpg_where_an/) since last we did such a thing, and we figured, we’re still alive, we’re still in business, we’ve learned a lot, and we’ve got a third game coming out real soon, so why not invite you to AMA once again?!

A bit about Supergiant: We were founded in the living room of a house in San Jose, CA in 2009. Bastion was our first game, launched in 2011. Transistor was our second game, launched in 2014. Pyre is our third game, launching... Tuesday! On Steam and PS4.

We’ve grown a little since Bastion and have 12 people at the studio. Just about all of us are in here:

Proof (https://twitter.com/SupergiantGames/status/887724037643751424)

EDIT -- Aaand, that's a wrap! Thanks everybody for all the great questions! We're @SupergiantGames on Twitter if any other burning questions arise in the coming days. Thank you for your support!

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IamA Everything Everything AMA

We're a four-piece band from Manchester and are about to release our fourth album, A Fever Dream. We’ll be answering questions about music, lyrics, neckbeards, and insanity.


A Fever Dream is out on the 18th August. You can pre-order it from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/album/a-fever-dream/id1245331144?ls=1&app=itunes

SEE YOU ON THE ROAD, LOVE EE x x x x x x x

Proof: http://imgur.com/YpF6Znx

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I am an actor person named Zachary Levi who is hosting a SYFY show for 3 days during SDCC. AMA!

Hey Reddit, Im Zachary Levi! I am here in San Diego hosting SYFY Live From Comic-Con and I am ready to answer your questions about all things (Comic-Con?) (Nerd?) (etc?)



Proof: https://twitter.com/ZacharyLevi/status/887877721715482624

We'll get started at about 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

Signing off. Thanks Reddit!

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Hey Reddit! It’s Peter Laurie, CEO, Junta Pty and Java/Java EE

It’s Peter Laurie, CEO, Junta Pty and Java/Java EE and SQL expert! I am an Australian tech, startup, and business guy with 20 years dev and 15 years biz. AMA! I am an electrical engineer by training but never worked as one because the internet turned up - I went there instead.

In 2001 I was the CTO for a software business using JavaEE with TDD, CI, MDA. but the project still failed in a big way and took the company with it. So I did an MBA to work out what went wrong (it wasn't the tech) and came out with strategy, entrepreneurship and microeconomics.

I'm a Java/JavaEE, SQL, XQuery guy with a grudging acceptance of JavaScript and enough Python to support a Machine Learning addiction. I work as a dev/architect/consultant in enterprise, startups, and everything in between.

I am also the Mentor in Residence at River City Labs, a Mission Lead at Startup Catalyst, and a mentor at Techstars, RCL Accelerator, ilab, and muru-d. I am an angel investor and adviser to several businesses. I focus on radical candour, building communities of peers, and working on hard valuable problems. I'm also a semi-professional whiteboard artist with demonstrable focus issues.

Ask me anything as I participate in the Developer Legends Reddit AmA Series brought to you by Oracle!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/hic3cqe7n6az.jpg

[EDIT] Hey Everyone, I'm off to lunch. I'll be back on intermittently. Answer questions. I'll get back to as many as I can. Peter.

[EDIT] I'm going to answer the questions that are here, then only check back very rarely. Thanks for posting.

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My name is Rustic Bodomov and I'm a Hollywood Stuntman. I make filmmaking tutorials for people who want to do action scenes, and one of them was on the front page today! AMA!

A couple of you suggested that I do an AMA, so here it is! I will answer as many questions as I can, honestly, in the next couple of hours, then I will log back in later tonight/tomorrow and answer the rest!

After seeing the lack of resources available on YouTube for indie filmmakers, I started making Action Filmmaking tutorials from a stuntman's perspective, to give back to the community that helped me become a stuntman! My goal is to help people do action SAFELY and make it LOOK GOOD. Here's the playlist so far: http://bit.ly/2mVA7CM

Earlier today, this video was trending on the front page (and it's still up on r/movies): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGyPLlLarJw

My short bio: Born in Russia, grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, went to college in Scotland. Moved to Los Angeles 6 years ago to become a professional stuntman, after I got interested in action filmmaking through my youtube channel and an online forum that existed back then called "The Stunt People".

On the days that I'm working, I do fight scenes, wrecks, wire work, parkour, and any number of other stunts that a production would need. I double actors (most recent one was Scott Adkins) and play bad guys all the time. (You've probably seen me die on screen.)

On my days off, I'm working at building a resource for indie filmmakers through my youtube channel, as well as training several different methods of fitness and martial arts.

My Proof:

TIMESTAMP: http://imgur.com/6pd5lbp

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4493407/

STUNT REEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTtw0GNIL9g

EDIT: THANK YOU for your questions so far! KEEP THEM COMING! I'll be checking back here throughout the day, as well as tomorrow! And I will answer every one! :)

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We are Jeff Orlowski and Zack Rago from the new documentary CHASING CORAL, here to answer all your questions about coral reefs, climate change, and what you can do to help – ask us anything!

We are Jeff Orlowski, the director of CHASING CORAL and CHASING ICE, and Zack Rago, an educator, reef aquarist, and "coral nerd" from CHASING CORAL. CHASING CORAL follows a team of scientists, divers, and photographers as they race to discover why coral reefs are vanishing at an unprecedented rate, and it's available to watch on Netflix right now. You can check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6fHA9R2cKI Ask us anything!




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IamA Progressive Evangelical Pastor and an Independent Republican Congressional Candidate in Arkansas (AR-03). I’m fighting for Medicare for All and trying to rescue the Republican Party. You may have recently seen me on Fox News. My name is Robb Ryerse. AMA!

Hi, I’m Robb Ryerse. I am running for Congress because I believe that the people of Arkansas's 3rd Congressional District deserve an independent voice in Washington. I will put the needs of people ahead of the desires of the party establishment, corporate lobbyists, and special interest donors. I also want to help restore the Republican party to its historic values.

My wife and I are both ordained ministers, and together, we co-pastor the Vintage Fellowship in Fayetteville, Arkansas, or, as I like to call it: “America’s best kept secret.” We follow in the footsteps of Jesus, doing good works, and opening our arms to differences of opinions. Vintage Fellowship, at its core, is all about care -- care for those less fortunate, care for our community, care for our neighbors, care for our family and care for our planet. Since its inception, our goal has been clear: we welcome all people. LGBT and folks from all backgrounds, creeds and colors. Even skeptics are encouraged to join us. We recently joined a group called OPEN, which is an alliance of progressive-leaning churches that embrace our view of Christianity. We are committed to lending a hand to anyone who needs it including aiding the resettlement of refugees in our district, something our current congressmen tried to shut down.

You may have seen me on Fox News recently. Honestly, we expected it to be pretty rough -- but it ended up being an incredibly positive experience. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we received afterwards from Republicans across the country who were disgusted by the state of politics today.

Check out my website here: Robb2018

This campaign is 100% people-powered. I don’t accept a cent of corporate donations or PAC money -- only individual small donors. If you want to help, you can donate here: Donation Page

Connect with me on social media: Facebook & Twitter

If you're interested in learning more about Brand New Congress, come join us at /r/BrandNewCongress.


Lastly, I want to mention the Summer for Progress. Brand New Congress has teamed up with 19 other progressive organizations to support 8 progressive bills. If you want to join the movement, please sign our petition!

I'll start answering questions at 2 PM CST / 3 PM EST. AMA!

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We’re the team conducting the first pizza-by-drone deliveries in New Zealand. AMA!

UPDATE: Thanks for chatting with us! We’re taking a break to go flying and eat some pizza, and will keep an eye on this AMA if you have more questions!

Hello Reddit! We’re Matthew Sweeny (u/Fly_Flirtey), CEO of Flirtey, and Michael Gillespie (u/Michael_Gillespie), Chief Digital Officer at Domino’s Pizza Enterprises. Together, we’re delivering Domino’s pizzas with Flirtey drones in New Zealand.

Delivery drones will save lives and change lifestyles around the world. We announced our pizza-by-drone partnership last year with initial deliveries to customer homes. Now we’re gearing up to begin another expansion of our drone deliveries to more New Zealand neighborhoods later this year and early next year – perhaps to your doorstep next!

For background: - Bloomberg: The Little Drone Startup Beating Amazon and Google in the Home Delivery Race - NZ Herald: Flirtey Teams with Domino's for First-Ever Pizza Drone Delivery Service - - AJ : Is this the future of disaster relief? Flirtey drones could deliver emergency supplies to people in hard-to-reach places.

Proof: https://twitter.com/Fly_Flirtey/status/887435701674950656

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Hi! I'm Stanton Moore, Drummer for Galactic & Founder of the Stanton Moore Drum Academy, Ask Me Anything!!

Hey everyone! My name is Stanton Moore and I’m excited to talk to all of you today! For those of you who don’t know me I am a New Orleans native who has spent the last 20 years touring the world with a Funk band named Galactic. In addition to being in Galactic I also have a solo career. Since 1998 I have released 8 solo projects including my newest album “With You in Mind” which released today!! “With You in Mind” is a tribute album to the late, great Allen Toussaint. On this album I worked closely with pianist David Torkanowski and bassist James Singleton some of the most talented musicians I’ve played with to date.

In addition to my album I’ve been working tirelessly on the Stanton Moore Drum Academy (SMDA) which is an online instructional drum academy that provides drummers of all skill levels new ways that they can improve their drumming in a number of different ways. For more information on SMDA’s features check out my site www.stantonmooredrumacademy.com

Buy and Stream "With You In Mind" HERE: http://smarturl.it/Stanton_WYIM

My Proof:https://www.instagram.com/p/BW0j1eIBEqH/?taken-by=stanton_moore, https://twitter.com/Stanton_Moore/status/888481310460739584

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I’m Anthony Breznican, I cover all-things Marvel, Star Wars, Steven Spielberg and Stephen King for Entertainment Weekly and wrote this week’s “Black Panther” cover story. AMA

Thanks for all the good questions, guys. Catch you another day ...

Hey everyone, I’m Entertainment Weekly’s senior writer Anthony Breznican. This week’s double issue is one of our biggest of the year—our annual San Diego Comic-Con preview—and my cover story this week is an exclusive first look from the set of “Black Panther.” It’s on newsstands now and you can check some of it out on EW.com here: http://ew.com/movies/2017/07/12/black-panther-ew-cover/.

I cover a wide range of books, movies, and TV shows — plus, I will be at SDCC next week. I also write fiction (I’m part of a YA short-story collection called "Behind the Song" that’s out in September, featuring tales inspired by famous songs.) Ask me anything about Black Panther, what it’s like to cover Comic-Con, and whatever else you can think of. That’s why they call this AMA.

You can also find me elsewhere on Twitter at @breznican.

Proof: https://twitter.com/breznican/status/887003676052774912

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I was born with one functioning eye and had the non-working one removed. AMA!

Hello Reddit! Around a year ago I did an AMA on my birth defect and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do it again.

Proof 1 Proof 2 Proof 3 (Potential NSFW if you don't want to look at an eye socket

So, I was born with only one functional eye, my right eye. During my time in the womb, I contracted the birth defect known as PHPV or persistent hyper plastic primary vitreous. PHPV occurs when a jelly -like substance in the vitreous of the eye do not drain out after the eye has been fully developed and in my case, led to blindness, however it can also lead to just blurred vision and other symptoms.

I was not diagnosed with PHPV until I was 6 months old, after my mother realized that one of my eyes was acting normal, but the other one drifted away from what I was looking at. My mother contacted the family pediatrician, and we were recommended to go to the Cleveland Clinic where I was formally diagnosed.

Although I had received various treatments, I had no surgery conducted on the eye until I was 6 years old, almost 7. My fake eye was hurting my other eye greatly, and in the middle of my 1st grade class, I left and was sent home. My mother took me to our pediatrician, who recommended an esteemed eye doctor to my mother, who could help diagnose and solve the pain. It was at this appointment with said eye doctor that I was informed I had developed glaucoma, due to complications and from not having the eye lens removed.

Glaucoma is an often large side-effect of PHPV, however it is uncommon in someone that is already blind (or at least based on what I have found by personal research). The building up eye pressure from the glaucoma and the pain caused by the pressure led to me having a surgery, the next week to have my eye enucleated. I spent a couple days recovering from the surgery, with bandages covering the entire left side of my face, but after 3 days rehabbing, I was sent home. After a week, only 1 day before my 7th birthday, I had the full on bandages removed, and was downgraded to an eye patch. Fittingly so, my birthday party that year was pirate-themed.

After all my surgery, in August I was finally given a fake eye, made of acrylic, that closely resembled my eye. It has now been over 9 years since the surgery that removed my nonfunctional eye. My life did not change much due to the surgery. I still played sports such as: swimming, baseball, soccer, bowling, and others. In the classroom, I only had to make minor adjustments to my schooling, and remained a straight A student. However, my vision has only gotten worse. Not only am I blind in my left eye, my right eye is very nearsighted. However, I try not to mind it and live my life out as a regular teenager. In high school, it has definitely affected my social interactions, but I find that as people get more used to the prospect of my eye, social interactions with them change for the better.

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I'm Angela Marcus, a life-long animal welfare advocate and co-founder of getyourpet.com. We help adoptable pets in need across the U.S. go from one good home to another. Ask me anything about getyourpet.com.

I'm Angela Marcus, a life-long animal welfare advocate and co-founder of getyourpet.com. We help adoptable pets in need across the U.S. go from one good home to another. Ask me anything about getyourpet.com.

Adoptable Pets:



Recent Media Coverage:





Proof: https://i.redd.it/jy5txk789eaz.jpg

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Just reached 100k subs and 77 million views on Pornhub. We are amateur porn couple Amadani, Ask us anything!

Hi guys!

We've been doing porn for about a year now and though it was time to do an AMA to answer some questions you guys might have.

We also do Youtube so feel free to check us out: www.youtube.com/amadani

Link to our Pornhub channel: www.pornhub.com/users/amadani

Proof: https://twitter.com/Real_Amadani/status/888456970168127491

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IamAn American that has been teaching English in Madrid for the last 5 years AMA!

From Colorado, I came to Madrid in 2012 as a language assistant in a public elementary school. Five years have flown by and I'm still here!

my foreigner's ID

the part of the ID that says I'm here as a "profesor"

*an earlier version of this post was deleted by the admin.

EDIT: It's late on this side of the world. I'll be happy to respond to any more questions tomorrow!

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I have spent the weekend searching many, many bags and personal belongings at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, AMA!

My short bio: I work in the RAF and joined up as an aircraft technician, I did 14 months as an aircraft mechanic on Typhoons and am now back in technical training. While in training, it is a requirement to go down to Fairford for RIAT (Royal International Air Tattoo) and work the air show. My job for this year was to search bags!

My Proof: http://imgur.com/a/Ie5C2

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I had a breast reduction in July 18th at age 17. Ask Me Anything!

I went from an I cup to a C cup. About 2 pounds was removed from each breast (or 900 cc's) Unfortunately no pictures since I'm underage, but I thought it may be helpful to do this since I'm still at in the beginning of recovery! Feel free to ask me anything!


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IamA Forestry Technician with the U.S. Forest Service AMA

This is my second year with the USFS.

Last year I was a tree feller (Class B) doing reforestation projects on a crew of 12. We were also also a Type 2 fire crew. Every 2 weeks during the summer we would clear 20-30 acres of dead trees killed by bark beetles and/or drought. Then as we moved on to the next area our dozer operator piled the cut trees in numerous piles. During the winter we spread out and burned the piles using drip torches. In the spring we planted new trees in these areas that had been burned. Later in the spring and early summer we performed hand releasing or "grubbing" which consisted of visiting areas planted in prior years and removing all competing vegetation within 4 feet of the baby trees. And the cycle begins again every year. We were occasionally called on fire assignments throughout the season.

This year I work for the Recreation Dept in one of the busiest national forests. I'm part ranger, janitor, educator, and handyman. Our main focus is to curb trash and foster an appreciation for the local river. People show up en masse during the summer to swim and play in the water. They leave behind tons of trash (including feces!) that ends up in the river harming the ecosystem. Our cities' water supply gets 1/3 of its water from our Ranger District. I pick up trash, clean the pit toilets, write tickets, talk to visitors, fix things, paint things, patrol areas, collect fees, cover graffiti, etc.

Proof... http://i1250.photobucket.com/albums/hh525/asdsf4235324/AMA%20USFS_zpsvvridmt4.jpg

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We work at Our Revolution, an organization formed out of the Bernie 2016 campaign. Ask us anything! [xpost /r/Political_Revolution]

Ask Questions over at /r/Political_Revolution, here!

I’m Juliana Terry-Torgerson, I am an Organizer.


I’m Giuliana Di Lauro, I am the Political Strategy Manager.

We work at Our Revolution, the organization formed out of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

A big part of Bernie’s message was encouraging folks to get directly involved in the political process and run for office. Change doesn’t happen from the top down, but from the bottom up. One of our main missions is to support candidates that are committed to upholding the values Senator Sanders and everyone in this movement fights for everyday. Alignment with our platform, where candidates stand on those issues, viability, and support from our base are the factors that carry the most weight in terms of who gets an Our Revolution national endorsement.

We recently changed our endorsement process so that candidates must first go through local groups to seek a nomination for national endorsement. As an organization based out of D.C., we are very conscious that no one knows the needs of their communities and who can best address them like the people living in those communities.

  • Giulianna

Our primary focus in the organizing department is supporting local groups and the work they are doing in their communities! We now have more than 356 local groups, both in the US and abroad (fun fact: recently we had a group apply from Bangladesh!). If there isn’t a group in your area, you can start one using the local groups link above. We have plenty of guides to help you get started!

These grassroots organizations are the cornerstone of everything we do - from making decisions about what candidates we endorse, to planning and executing nonviolent direct action, to citizen lobbying that will take place in our newest campaign -the Summer for Progress.

Everything we do is designed to help you build sustainable progressive power in your communities, and to develop leadership skills in you! Every person who picks up a phone to make a GOTV call could find their passion and be the next candidate, campaign manager, data manager, or organizer! We’re developing new training materials and deploying new tools in the very new future, and always looking to roll out additional features. If you’ve got great ideas about organizing that we can’t address here, please email them to: organizing@ourrevolution.com!

  • Juliana

Super excited to join you guys for an AUA, started volunteering for Bernie because of my involvement on reddit :) Here to answer any questions you have regarding organizing! We’ll be back from 2-3pm to answer questions, so ask us anything!

  • Juliana & Giulianna

Our Revolution Links:

Website | Twitter | Donate | Volunteer

Other Links:

Giulianna Twitter | Juliana Twitter

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Hi Reddit I am Nancy Glass, Executive Producer of Oxygen's New Series “The Jury Speaks.” Ask Me Anything!

Hi Reddit! I am a six-time Emmy award winning producer and writer with my own production company, Nancy Glass Productions. I have worked in television since I was in my teens and went on to anchor and report for several national television shows including Inside Edition and American Journal. I was the first woman to be the solo host of a nationally syndicated news show, the first person in syndication to be nominated for a national news Emmy, the first person in cable to be nominated for an Emmy for Best Daytime Talk show Host.

I serve as EP on The Jury Speaks, which delves into the minds of the jurors from 4 historic cases and premieres THIS Saturday 7/22 at 9pm ET on Oxygen. Ask me anything, and learn more about The Jury Speaks here: http://www.oxygen.com/the-jury-speaks

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[EDIT]: I'm signing off now -- thank you everyone for your thoughtful questions! You'll find out even more on The Jury Speaks -- check it out starting this Saturday at 9pm ET on Oxygen!

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Hi Reddit - I am Paulina Coccoz. I was a juror on the Michael Jackson Trial and am on Oxygen's new show "The Jury Speaks." Ask me anything!

As a mother of three children, I felt very strongly about the Michael Jackson case and was determined to consider all sides of the story. But despite my natural impulse to side with the children, I was among the majority of jurors who felt the accuser, and his family, were simply not credible enough to indict Michael. I also felt that I made a connection with Michael during the trial, and I was overwhelmed with emotion after his death. I felt that the trial stripped Michael Jackson of the one thing in his life that truly brought him joy: spending time with children.

I am appearing on Oxygen's new series The Jury Speaks, airing tonight at 9p ET with other jurors from the case.

Ask me anything, and learn more about The Jury Speaks here: http://www.oxygen.com/the-jury-speaks

Proof: https://twitter.com/OxygenCrime/status/888484092098084864

[EDIT]: Thank you everyone for your great questions. Keep listening to Michael Jackson's music :) I'm logging off now.